Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NTV-Assignment #7: Gallery Tour

NTV-Assignment #7: Gallery Tour

Hey class, it's Narciso here and here are my pictures from the gallery tour at the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery. I just cropped each photo.

Photo #1: Close-Up

Tamara Stephens, a photojournalism student at West Campus, takes a picture of artwork by Hirotsune Tashima located in the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery.

Photo #2: Medium

 Photo #3: Overview

Students at the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery do work for their photojournalism class.

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  1. I like the top two photos best for story telling. The middle one has lovely composition.

    For the bottom photo, it would be good to wait for the people in the right foreground to move away. I feel like were blocking the view, rather than adding to it.