Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NTV-Assignment #6: Diffused Lighting

NTV-Assignment #6: Diffused Lighting

Hey class, it's Narciso. Here is the diffused lighting assigment. I took a picture of Ed Adams looking towards the J Sentinel Peak building while he was standing between the F Rincon building and the E Tortolita building. I only adjusted the size, of course, and cropped the portrait of Ed Adams.

Freelance photographer Ed Adams looks on while standing between the Rincon building and the Tortolita building at the Pima Community College West Campus.

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  1. The portrait seems to tell a story -- a loner in a crowd, maybe. :-) I like the composition.

    Technically, a photo without flash would be better. Keep looking for good light until you find natural lighting for a portrait. The idea was to have diffused sunlight "light" his face. Your spot was too dark, so flash kicked in. The shots without flash had motion blur, which tells you the location is too dark.